Analysing our dreams is a very constructive and  worthwhile activity, which when approached correctly, not only helps us to understand what we are truly capable of doing, but to control our emotions and conquer our fears.

Whilst our brain is simply the controller of our physical, our mind is the ultimate power of which we know relatively nothing  about, whilst scientists wonder at what we are each capable of, we continue to produce exceptional and vivid mental images every night when sleeping, which actually tell us a story, give us direction and information, and help us develop us into the people we are today.

In analysing our Dreams and thoughts we begin to open the doors of knowledge to our inner selves and who we really are.

The information in these pages is a simple guide on how to obtain a great deal more information from a dream, which enables ourselves, as analyst's, to reach in and further explore the dreamers conditions and emotions.

What is the Story or Background to the Dream? 

Many and certainly the most important areas of our lives feature in our dreams, or are influenced by them. Consider any aspect in a Dream and you can connect it to part of our waking life.

What is the main action in your Dream?

There is always an overall activity in a dream i.e.: walking, running, looking, building, destroying, or trying to escape. You should define what it is, consider the expression's,  if such an action can be found in your waking life - you should identify it fully!  Then look for more information, i.e. what lies behind it! 

What is your role in the Dream?

What are the relationships, are you friend, lover, aggressor, dictator, watcher. Are you taking part or trying to avoid the situation, are you at the back, at the front, or leading the band or hiding from the affray. You must be inquisitive, look for any situation where you can exploit the dream fully.

Are you active or passive in the Dream?

Are taking part in the Dream, in a leading role (active) or are you watching, being directed by someone else (passive), which could be a condition in your waking life. 

What do you feel in the Dream?

To interpret our dreams we need to recall our emotions, what were your feelings, were you Pleased, Frightened, Happy, Unhappy, Sad, Sexually aroused, Ecstatic, Disappointed, Frustrated, Angry

The emotion you feel is very important to an interpretation, as this may show an opposite to reality or reflect your true feelings.  The emotion is not a conclusion in itself and must be linked to the story, or situation in the dream.

Try to define what your physical feelings were. Were you wet, tired, cold, hungry or lost in the dream.  Were your feelings  expressive, held back or suppressed. Were your feelings suppressed, if so, further investigation is required. 

What is the reason factor?

Something, invariably happens in a dream.  Try  to remember what the reasons are for doing something.

"I held her hand to cross the river".

A reason factor offers greater explanation than may be  first thought.

Am I meeting the things I fear in the Dream?

Dreams are entirely inward things, which are created from internal feelings. Images, monsters, likes,  dislikes or fears,  are all part of ourselves, if we run away from them, we are simply running away from ourselves, or avoiding important issues concerning ourselves. It's important to try to define what your fears are to clarify what your are really avoiding.

What does the Dream mean?

Our dreams are merely expressions of ourselves, that which has happened, or conditions which have been created,  either for or against us. These symbols are created as if we are role playing a situation or condition, allowing us an opportunity to come to terms with or understand what they mean.

By re-enacting a dream, we can identify more closely what the symbols mean and give us a greater insight to what we  are trying to tell ourselves.

Enlarging on the Dream

You will need to be very objective, often to an extreme, which sometimes can seem quite absurd.

If there is a walking stick in the dream, become that stick and ask yourself;

what am I made of ?

who is leaning on me?

why are they leaning on me? 

Write all your answers down and review them until a fuller story emerges.

Can I alter the Dream for greater understanding?

To fully understand what a dream is telling us, it is often necessary to change a Dream in some way.  Identify certain aspects, a Dream may vary greatly from reality, but, in altering the symbol, context, or action to an every day situation or understanding, is an important part of conditioning, which will help you come to terms with what you are trying to say, or tell yourself.


Dreams are an expression of our emotions,  which we often  experience in our conscious or sub conscious, both in the day or at night, when we are awake or when we are asleep. 

They are always  related to a series of symbols, actions, situations or circumstances, which our mind activates to help us come to terms with our problems, and help balance our  difficulties, or guide us into  areas which require interpretation.

Many  dreams allow us to experience unnatural situations, free flying,  breathing under water,  sexual intercourse with a total strangers, with their acceptance. We may die be born, or change into another form of life.

A dream creates circumstances or situations, which really portrays our self, our fears,  our inhibitions, our likes and dislikes.  They can be ridiculous, sublime, factual, one to four dimensional, in black and white,  or colour. They can be distorted, obscure, fogged or life like.

Unfortunately, many  people  fail to see  the value of  understanding their dreams, these are what I call surface dwellers,  they are the ones who fail to see further than their self created,  social confinement, both physical or psychological and invariably miss the valued opportunity to understand their real inner selves.

Only when we  wish to  explore the infinite depths of the mind, beyond which is restricted only by an inability, or lack of correct attitude,  will we as individuals be able to control our own Dreams, which will then give to us the ultimate satisfaction and psychological development which at present, we may only from time to time dream of.

The following explanations are suggestions which will help you think and put your dream into perspective. Helping you to understand your dreams more fully will help you to come to terms with yourself.  


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