The Earth takes 25,868 years to pass, in retrograde motion through the 12 constellations, it remains in each sign for about 2,000 years.

The Age of Leo 
Controlled by The Sun 
(Giver of Life)
10000  -  8000 BC
The Age of Cancer 
Controlled by The Moon (Mother)
 8000  -  6000 BC
The Age of Gemini 
Controlled by Mercury 
(Work and expression)
 6000  -  4000 BC
The Age of Taurus 
Controlled by Venus
(Love and emotions)
 4000  -  2000 BC
The Age of Aries 
Controlled by Mars 
(Force and power)
 2000  -     0 AD
The Age of Pisces 
Controlled by Neptune (Sensitivity and inspiration)
     0  -  2000 AD
The Age of Aquarius 
Controlled by Uranus (Friendliness and fellowship)
 2000  -  4000 AD

All inhabitants of the Earth have now entered the cusp of the Age of Aquarius.  From around 1950 we begun to experience the understanding of fellowship.

This is far more apparent when we reflect on the spiritual nature of the  children born after that time and look to what conditions and influence they hold over the world today.

By no means are we fully competent to control our world in peace and harmony at this moment and will not  be until we have reached the year  2200,  by which time,  none of us at this time will exist in our present form, but through our need for re-incarnation many will exist in different physical bodies to either learn more or teach the younger souls, the value of fellowship.

It will not become fully apparent until about 2015-2020 when the generation of that time, will feel the real affect of Aquarius. Then, understanding more, they will control the abuse we place on the  physical  and will  be better  able to understand and develop the spirit.

However, much has yet to be learned many things are to happen, now and in the coming years



There are many times in a lifetime, when we experience the influences of the planets, as they pass through our charts.

On each occasion a change in ourselves takes place in one form or another. Relative to the influence of the Planet.

As we become older the influence of the lower planets wane, Mercury, Venus, Mars. Whilst the influence of the Major planets heighten, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus.

The Progressed Moon becomes radical at periods of 7 and 28 Years, Whilst the Moons Nodes affect us on an 18 year cycle

The major affects on each of us are as follows;  

2+  1st Mars Return
4+ 2nd Mars Return
6+  3rd Mars Return
7 to 8 1st Quarter return of progressed Moon
4th Mars Return
10+  5th Mars Return  ( and so on every 2 years)
12+ 1st Jupiter Return
14+  Half return of progressed Moon
18+  1st return of progressed Moons Nodes
21+ 3rd Quarter return of progressed Moon
24+  2nd Jupiter Return
28 to 29  1st Progressed Moon Return
1st Saturn Return
35 to 36  1st Quarter return of 2nd progressed Moon
3rd Jupiter Return

2nd return of progressed Moons Nodes
40+ Uranus Half Return
42+  Half return of 2nd progressed Moon
48+  4th Jupiter return
3rd Quarter return of 2nd progressed moon
54+ 3rd return of the progressed Moons Nodes
circa 56 2nd progressed Moon Returns
circa 60 2nd Saturn Return
5th Jupiter Return
circa 72  6th Jupiter return
4th return of the progressed Moons Nodes
circa 83 3rd Progressed Moon Return
circa 84  Uranus Return
7th Jupiter Return
circa 90  3rd Saturn Return

The foregoing influences will naturally affect each of us, at approximately the given times. These are not,  the Transiting affects of the Planets which are given in Horoscope Forecasts

Those may come or go according to their movement through your chart, which will have additional influence, either good, bad or indifferent according to their alignment.

What is seen here is an influence on our psychological being, in the Lessons of life. Should an individual fail to learn, cope with, or understand these influences at the appropriate time, they must wait until the influences return,  to be able to open the door ,of opportunity and learn again.

This may be to put right what is wrong - or to right a wrong, and it is only in hindsight that we will truly understand what it is we have done!

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