Hello Dear Friends,

Many of you may have been wondering what has happened to me over the past few years. Some of you will have visited my site, only to find little, or no activity, for this I must apologise.

I became very disillusioned with the internet, following a spate of 1000's of truly unnecessary and needless crank emails, foul language and filth, what could only be described as cheap gutter pornography, which I received daily for many months, even with constant filtering they just seemed to continue unabated.

However, I am called to try again and bring to you, a refreshed and hopefully long lasting service.

I try and hope to give pleasure,  entertainment comfort and therapeutic advice to those who contact me. There have been many people from all over the world, including the UK, France, Spain,  Portugal, Canada, South Africa, North & South America, Australia, New Zealand and many other Countries, have used my services in the past and hopefully they will again.

Astrology Charts are written by myself using the  most up to date Computer programme to identify all the Planetary Aspects which affect you. 

Each Chart is based on the alignment of the Planets at your Birth and where a forecast is created these alignments are then progressed in to transiting aspects.

Therefore a totally UNIQUE Astrological chart is produced, as no two people in the world can have an identical chart.

Within these pages you will find some basic guides, hopefully they please you and will bring to you a greater understanding of Astrology, the Planets, Spirituality and Psychic forces which affect us all.

I hope you enjoy them and in the spirit that they are written! 


Guide to the Star signs
Guide to the Planets 


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